Neue Kommandanten für Dropzone Commander

UCM Flieger Phoenix Command Gunship 1

Hawk Wargames haben fünf neue Modelle vorgestellt, die neue Kommandoauswahlen für alle Völker ins Spiel bringen.

UCM Flieger Phoenix Command Gunship 1

UCM Phoenix Command Gunship – 39,99 Euro

The AC2 Phoenix is an up-gunned beast. It is a heavy command platform which is always first into the fray with weapons blazing, issuing directives in real time to the troops. It was designed to come in with the first wave of planetary assaults where there is no existing ground presence and where a beachhead has to be established under enemy fire.

Scourge Fahrzeuge Oppressor

Scourge Opressor – 24,49 Euro

Clearly a command unit of some kind, the Oppressor is the flip side of the Scourge’s aloof distain for their enemies, seen in the design of the Desolator – instead it shows their sadistic joy in taking the foe to pieces in close, bloody combat.
Oppressors are most often seen with large numbers of Prowlers, Stalkers and Ravagers, but unlike many command units are always on the sharp edge of any attack where they can do the most damage. Leading with two Plasma Carbines and an Electroweb caster, it carves a gory path through the enemy, scuttling over all obstructions to rip any survivors apart with wicked glee.

PHR Fahrzeuge Nemesis Command Walker

PHR Nemesis Command Walker – 32,99 Euro

This PHR command unit has been seen only fleetingly in previous battles. Confirmation of this command vehicle’s very existence has been hard to verify given the lack of solid evidence and very few first-hand accounts as there so few survivors.
Its mandible weapons are the equal of two smaller walkers combined, but are only a sideshow to the construct’s main gun – The Nemesis Laser. This fearsome tail gun has a seemingly infinite range, and has the ability to punch through the toughest armour with ease while causing maximum devastation.

Shaltari Fahrzeuge Gharial Command Grav Tank

Shaltari Gharial Command Grav Tank – 15,99 Euro

Based on a Caimen hull, the Gharial is a more aggressive fighter than its longer-ranged cousin, and is designed as the ultimate in close support.
Able to slice through tanks with contemptuous ease, it is also powerful enough to liquefy all organic matter in enclosed spaces even through several layers of concreate and steel. If even that is not enough to stop the enemy, the command skimmer is also equipped with close range Neutron Launchers that fire one-shot heavy density projectiles into the core of structures, often levelling them in one volley.

Resistance Fahrzeuge NT-5 Thunderstorm Custom

Resistance NT-5 Thunderstorm Custom – 52,99 Euro

The NT-4 Leviathan earns its name from its sheer scale, but the command variant – the NT–5 Thunderstorm Custom – is a step further. Its huge fusion generators are massively over-sized given modern technological advances, yet no less potent. They have such a high level of power output that many resistance cells can run an entire forward base’s power network from them. But the truly fearsome application is only appreciated when used as a combat unit on the front lines. The dual power plants are unleashed through four over-charged Plasma Cannons, capable of reducing anything in range to a bubbling pool of liquid in seconds.